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Unfortunately, just as predictably, there have been some serious haters who've joined the conversation as well, including people who seemingly cannot comprehend a non-male celebrity making their own choices when it comes to grooming or not grooming their body hair.

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Most of us have found ourselves in this situation at some point in our lives: We make an appointment for a much-needed trim to lose those raggedy split end.

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Not sure what else there is here to explain?

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Selena Gomez Arm Hair

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But while she has favoured boldness in the past, for the latest issue of Rolling Stone , the singer decided to keep things more low-key, posing with her natural curls and, yes, even a little armpit stubble.

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So yeah, we're sure Halsey knows how to handle any criticism of her grooming techniques that comes her way — not that she or anyone should ever have to.

Description: After a commenter replied "what the hell is this?!!! Like them, Halsey has plenty of experience when it comes to shutting down ignorant comments.

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