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He says he'll join, but only if they win.

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It's a grueling battle but Dan and Drago come out the victors.

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Vol. 3

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They start to get along as Runo finds Tigrera, another talking Bakugan.

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Quickly, the Brawlers split up to stop them from reaching Wardington, with Julie volunteering to go after Tricloid, while Alice volunteers to go after Rabeeder, now that she's a Battle Brawler with Alpha Hydranoid as her partner.

Description: Alice sees a young boy with Bakugan and tries to stop him from throwing them into the river, when Alice learns that Christopher, the boy, is being bullied into playing Bakugan where he always loses she offers to be his coach to help him beat the bully.

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