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Interview Kayti Burt Apr 15,

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One of the anti-heroine's main powers is her ability to kill a man with her nails.

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#TheFappening: Emma Lahana Nude

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While Brigid may not be the type of person who openly comforts others, she is a more feminine tough cop character than we often see represented on screen.

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Refreshingly, amongst the three main characters, teen boy Tyrone is the most openly empathetic and nurturing.

Description: While Mayhem may be the louder character at this point, "Shadow Selves" gave us some insight into this post-split version of Brigid, as well—mainly that Brigid is not doing well dealing with the immense amount of trauma she has experienced in the past few years. While other police officers didn't even see Tyrone as an individual, Brigid saw him as a person who deserved justice, and took action.

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